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[2010-07-29] Forums update

Posted: 2010-07-29 7:00 UTC
by mireiawen
Forums were down for a while due to update.

With phpBB 3.0.7-PL1, we got some new features:
  • Quick Reply - it is enabled already and should work on all forums
  • New CAPTCHA module, its using reCAPTCHA for registrations now, hope it is better than our old module
Also, added secure HTTP support with update; feel free to use to protect your password! Its not forced on yet, due to certificate possibly giving problems to users. Certificate is from CAcert and isn't likely installed on your browser, thus giving security error. Install CAcert root certificate to get rid of it.

Poke me if there are problems.

Re: [2010-07-29] Forums update

Posted: 2010-08-08 5:25 UTC
by mireiawen
With the update, as we now got possibly users with both HTTP and HTTPS, there is new BBcode for links to forum so it doesn't change the way you started browsing like with full URL: [topic]

It works as following: [topic=<id>]<title>[/topic]
<id> is the topic ID, found in the URLs as t=something, like in
Only the numeric part is used, in this case, 2.

<title> Is the title text you want to use. As this is link to rules, I could use rules.

So it would like like this: [topic=2]rules[/topic] and it would make rules