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Post by Schredderfix » 2012-05-16 2:27 UTC


i made a message today on neutnet.

[Lootrights] Nesky: join Soldieriz raids and see your loot sold on NN . good luck !

it was a message reply to this.

[PvM] Need a crat for ipand /pst [Soldieriz]

this guy makes beast raids every day. and he and his friends roll for all loot all the time.

this ends in selling completete beast loots on NN.

check you logs and you will see it,

he sells nearl every day complete beast loots.

Under different names which all ends which iz.

Doctoriz or something like this.

i hope that Neutnet dont supports such kinds of scamming.


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Re: scamming

Post by Troxypets » 2012-05-16 2:44 UTC

Neutnet Is a simple Bot that allows people to post .. We do not Support Scammers . This is an issue You should post on OOC and on ur Orgs forums .. And simply Dont Join his Raids. ALso .. Neutnet Does not allow Reply to Neutnet With another Neutnet.
As long As he is posting Properly and Following the Rules of the Bot there is nothing Neutnet Can do ..

P.s. Best of Luck Getting it handled.

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Re: scamming

Post by Schredderfix » 2012-05-17 18:37 UTC

I got banned now for warning peoples before scammers.

you say you dont support scamming.

but you do it with banning people which warn other people.

really a nice job you do here.

instead of checking your logs and check if its the truth what im saying which should not be so hard.

you say now for sure "i have no time to check logs".

you are really nice admins. to busy to check logs but not to busy to ban peoples which warn other peoples before scammers because its much easier and faster.

FAIL admins. all they do is ban ban ban ban. they dont care whats really up.


Neutnetadmin: Neutnet does not allowed posting accusations, doing so gets the poster a 1 month ban.

Instead of proving my "allegation" with logs you ban me.

Doing it this way you support scamming 100%.

Because you are not interested in the truth. Which could be so easy to find out with checking your LOGS !


"This is an issue You should post on OOC and on ur Orgs forums"

Ahhh ok. The Scammers can use Neutnet to do their business.

And the People which try to warn others are not allowed to do it.

I understand the Problem but this case is so obvious and you give a shit about it.

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Re: scamming

Post by Troxypets » 2012-05-18 0:49 UTC

First off Neutnet Admins are not GM's And We cannot tell what happens other than a simple Post... IF u dont like Neutnet and are Against is Simply /tell neutnet !unregister And u can have a nice Day ..

WE DO NOT SUPPORT SCAMMERS but WE CANNOT SUPPORT ACCUSATIONS .. This isnt our Rules But Funcom's Rule As We hold the Same Restrictions on our Bot as you do your Account ( and Yes Accusations are Bannable By funcom also)

We have no "Logs" of Converstations that happened ..

For Example We could See

XXX posted WTS 300 CC PST

And u could Claim XXX scammed me with empty Bag

There is no way We can Verify that ( OR False GM's or Anything)

NEUTNET MODS ARE PLAYERS just like you. SO When u decide to post this Stuff We could be in a AI raid or Tara or Beast..
SO Yes WE are busy We Do have Things that We want to Do ...

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Re: scamming

Post by mireiawen » 2012-05-18 9:53 UTC

Troxy got most of it already... we cannot see what has happened, we only see what Neutnet logs got.

Would be another thing to warn people with message like "there is scammer around, avoid buying stuff in bags" than posting names. We cannot see chats, trade logs or anything, and GMs won't tell us either as it is. And even if they did, it would mean adding a lot more work to already somewhat time consuming moderating; we are spending our time from playing to keep the bot clean.
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