Preventing unrelated spam

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Preventing unrelated spam

Post by orochi » 2013-01-27 20:12 UTC

The most annoying thing for the AO players is 99% getting spammed with loot and services they dont need, and requests they cant fulfill. Ask any player and they will agree with this. However there is a way to get peoples attention only when something very specific they need is going to happen.
  • Make website, where u get a sound effect when something relevant to yourself is posted (loot/raidtypes), including an ignore user function. There are 2 ways to do this filtering, each could be heard not only on website but also ingame, but website is higher priority.
  • 1st: key-word filter, at certain words /word combinations it gives a sound, sorta like clicksaver, but its ideal watching youtube/playing other games, then loggin in only when good stuff happens. Ignore user function will require some settings saving, in the browser.
  • 2nd: A channel for each raidtype, (example PandeWTS PandeLFdoc/enf/crat MitaarWTS MitaarLFdoc/crat S35LFM). You only subscribe to the channels that u need loot from or can help with filling a doc/tank/crat/DD role. This would also filter unrelevant messages. The advantage of this system is that it looks alot like the already existing system, so it takes little programming effort to make. The only thing needed is to make more channels. Ignore user function would still require bit of programming effort but wouldnt be high priority. When someone posts something in the wrong channel they themselfes suffer most of the negative effects,(not getting replies). This channel filtering will also prevent neutnet from having to send more tells then it has to, speeding it up when alot of people start using it.
FC might implement sound-on-tell message/invite option in the near future, but thats being very optimistic, and even then, its an ingame option, meaning it will be hard to customize.

let me know what u think about this
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Re: Preventing unrelated spam

Post by mireiawen » 2013-01-27 23:03 UTC

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