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Bug reports

Posted: 2013-01-31 8:41 UTC
by Zacix
Please use this thread for reporting bugs and/or irregularities you encounter when using Neutnet

Currently known bugs

Fixed bugs
  • Mixing up names of bot and owner when registering a bot

Re: Bug reports

Posted: 2013-02-11 21:40 UTC
by Niloge
Tested making new bot toons all froobs low lvl and 220 paid as main but the new toons donot get any NN relay no matter what i tried so far. All commands work on the low lvl toons though...just no relay from NN back to them.
Opusbot is the toon currently im running as bot pls check see what can be wrong.
Currently the bot is registered as bot to NN and he and main are same org and sc in status.

Re: Bug reports

Posted: 2013-02-12 13:51 UTC
by Zacix