double and Triple Spam

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double and Triple Spam

Post by Troxypets » 2013-05-15 13:46 UTC

Ive noticed this Error and Im Seeing if Something could Be implemented to help fix this..

Users are getting spammed 2-4 times with the Same Message from the Same bot.

IE . [Neutnet14] [PVM] 12m LF keeper/Doc PST [FAKEPOST]
[Neutnet14] [PVM] 12m LF keeper/Doc PST [FAKEPOST]

Is what users Are seeing ... the Reason this is happening is if the User is Added as an alt on a main.
Then !register still Works Creating a 2nd Entry for the user in the Spamlists .

to fix u must find the double Entry and unregister it..

( however) In some Cases this !unregister causes Complete Removal from System instead of the Removal of Only the 2nd Account .

Can something be done to fix this .

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