Swearing to Admins and Moderators

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Swearing to Admins and Moderators

Post by mireiawen » 2010-08-08 5:17 UTC

Okay, I know some can be angry for being banned because they think they didn't do anything wrong. But by starting with angry swearing and name calling with moderators rarely help. Actually, it might even make your bans longer.

Also, Neutnetting such things will likely make your bans last longer. And yes, we moderators do see what you have tried to post even when you are banned.

On the other hand, asking nicely might help with the bans if we think it was honest mistake. Just remember mistakes doesn't happen often. It is also possible that some ban has been around longer than it was intended... It is no crime to ask nicely about it!

Now, see Rules as well as Some common mistakes to avoid the bans in future.
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Re: Swearing to Admins and Moderators

Post by urgehal » 2010-09-17 18:06 UTC

I have been banned on all my toons (how he even knows my toons is beyond me-) for an issue not even related to neutnet, I did not violate any neutnet rule aside from 1 toon using the wrong channel
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Re: Swearing to Admins and Moderators

Post by Zacix » 2010-09-17 23:00 UTC

if you are banned on one toon...we do our best to ban any alts you have as well. Banning is about banning the person behind the toon, not the toon itself.

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