User not Recieving Messages.

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User not Recieving Messages.

Post by Troxypets » 2014-08-17 6:33 UTC

Tommmeeeeeep: hello
Tommmeeeeeep: i been having problems with neutnet
Tommmeeeeeep: not sure why, but i dont get any messages
Tommmeeeeeep: i tried registering, unregistering, etc
To [Tommmeeeeeep]: hi...
To [Tommmeeeeeep]: Sure .. let me take a look
Tommmeeeeeep: heyas :)
Tommmeeeeeep: thanks
To [neutnet]: !is Tommmeeeeeep
To [Tommmeeeeeep]: Is that toon registered as an alt ?
Tommmeeeeeep: nope, shouldnt
To [neutnet]: !ban 3 Tommmeeeeeep TESTING
Neutnet: Successfully banned Tommmeeeeeep
Tommmeeeeeep: To [neutnet]: !alts
Tommmeeeeeep: nothing comes out
To [neutnet]: !unban Tommmeeeeeep
Neutnet: Tommmeeeeeep successfully unbanned
To [Tommmeeeeeep]: do !status
Tommmeeeeeep: no alts
Tommmeeeeeep: and subscribed to all
To [Tommmeeeeeep]: Please Copy and paste Status to me.
Tommmeeeeeep: i dont get any messages tho.. spam inc!
Tommmeeeeeep: Status for Tommmeeeeeep
Tommmeeeeeep: let me see, should be
Neutnet12: [Shopping] WTS Combined Sharpshooter's Footwear [Enfownyou]
Tommmeeeeeep: (01:29) To [neutnet]: !shopping wtb 75 strong armor pst
(01:29) [Neutnet]: Your message is being distributed
To [Tommmeeeeeep]: Did you See ur message ?
Tommmeeeeeep: nope
Neutnet4: [Lootrights] wts Visible Light Remodulation Device price cuts 400m [Sojuafk]
Tommmeeeeeep: this char hasnt been renamed or rerolled, so name should be ok
Tommmeeeeeep: ok :)
Tommmeeeeeep: didnt know who to contact
To [Tommmeeeeeep]: Im sorry i could not Resolve this issue. See Zacix on the Forums.

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