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Neutnet module for Bebot

Posted: 2010-10-07 8:01 UTC
by mireiawen
Was bored at work, and wanted to fix several things in the Neutnet module I used. So I did write one from scratch. This is not extensively tested, for example I don't have IRC relay myself. But it seems to be able to parse messages well enough for release.

If there are comments, problems or such, feel free to post in this thread.

As it is written in PHP, source code and ready module is same file, found in Licensed under GNU GPL v2

  • Parses Neutnet messages, counting those that combine multiple messages to single tell
  • Configurable from inside the game; colors, output format and channels
  • BeBot 0.6.x
Download and unzip it to your Bebot/custom/modules folder. Restart the bot and you can configure it with /tell <Yourbot> !settings Neutnet

Change Log
  • 2010-12-26 v1.0.1 Updated the slave bots number
  • 2010-10-07 v1.0 Initial release

Re: Neutnet module for Bebot

Posted: 2012-12-26 18:56 UTC
by mireiawen
Version update, if anyone still uses this... Updated the slaves to go up to Neutnet20, which is last I heard from Zacix for the amount of slaves.

There's also available.