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Neutnet commands

Post by mireiawen » 2010-02-09 4:19 UTC

Just a nice web version of the help file. Remember, all Neutnet commands require the ! prefix to work.

If something needs more explanation, PM me and I'll try to figure it out.

Registering and status
Registers your character in the system. Automatically set as main.

Removes your character and all your registered alts from the system.

!subscribe <channel>
Subscribe to a channel. For list of channels, see !status

!unsubscribe <channel>
Remove the subscribe of a channel. For list of channels, see !status

Gives you the status of your character in the system. E.g. which channels you are subscribing to and which alts you have registered.

By adding alts you can manage all your subscriptions from one place. There really is no reason to not add your alts. If you try to get around bans or locks by not adding alts, punishments are more severe.

!registeralt <charactername>
Adds a character as an alt to your main. Yes, it is !alt, not !alts like most bots.

!unregisteralt <altname>
Deletes a character from your main. Yes, it is !alt, not !alts like most bots.

!main <altname>
Sets the main character of your account to <altname>.

Spamming and History
!spam <channel> <faction> <message>
Send a message to the channel and faction.
Faction is one of the following: all, neutral, omni, clan
Channel you can see from status. Remember to make sure you are up with the current rules before sending message!
In the event of not using channel or faction, you will get a command center with links to click.

!history <channel>
Gives you the last messages sent to all factions and the faction you are a member of. Optional parameter will send history of only specified channel. For list of channels, see !status

You can register your bot to Neutnet and it gets the spam first. However, there are some limitations to this:
  • Person registering the bot has to be at least level 150
  • The bot needs to be member of an organization
  • Person registering and the bot need to be in same organization
  • If the registered owner of the bot joins a different organization or there is a mismatch between the organization of the bot and the owner, the subscription will be automatically removed.
  • Bot cannot have alts
!registerbot <botname>
Registers the bot with the system

!unregisterbot <botname>
Removes the bot registration

!statusbot <botname>
Shows control panel for the bot. With the control panel, you can subscribe and unsubscribe channels.

Various other commands
The rules for using this bot

Some help

Various statistics
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